4 Week Fine Line Challenge

I am positive that you would agree, fine lines…ain’t nobody got time for that!🙂 Join me as I test a really affordable product in their claim to reduce fine lines and prevent aging. Stay tuned for the first before and after pic. Product: The Vitamin A & E Under Eye Patch Brand: Cettua – a … Continue reading 4 Week Fine Line Challenge

Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gifting With Christmas fast approaching, there are so many options for gifting on the shelves. One of the biggest Retails in SA, Edgars has brought in an amazing option to the dilemma of choosing the right gift. If you have a female who loves make up in your life, this could be a great … Continue reading Holiday Gifting

Exfoliation 101

I cannot be without my face scrub! I truly wish all men and women had more knowledge about skin care! When I say knowledge, I don’t mean lap up everything the sales person behind the counter is telling you. Your skin care routine can change your life, and exfoliating needs to be one of these … Continue reading Exfoliation 101